Safety and environment at the heart of our value ‘We do it right.’

Our approach

We continuously work to improve our safety performance and environmental footprint for the benefit of our employees, contractors, customers, neighbors, and the environment. We are a top-quartile performer in people safety, and over the past decade we have significantly reduced our environmental footprint.

This includes two several ambitious goals: we aim to achieve carbon neutral by 2030 and net zero by 2050. To achieve this, we set short-term 2020-2025 targets to reduce absolute carbon emissions by 25%, to increase the share of our low carbon and renewable energy to 70%, and provide solutions that help do the same. Additional targets include reducing total waste intensity by 10% and reducing water consumption intensity by 10% by 2030.

We strive to deliver leading performance in health, safety, environment, and security (HSE&S) and regularly audit all of our sites. Our goal is to continuously improve our performance, with the ambition to reach zero injuries, waste, and harm focusing people safety, process safety and product safety. 81% of our sites have certified Environmental Management Systems (EMS), e.g., ISO 14001 or RC14001 equivalent.

Top-quartile performer in people safety

50% reduction in Process Safety Events

81% of our sites have certified Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

Focus areas

Safety performance recognition

Our safety performance has been recognized several times in recent years by external agencies such as ACC (American Chemistry Council).


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